Monday, January 26, 2015

Workers got the streets begging dish

Workers got the streets begging dish

Calamana ordinary people victims of political violence, match factories, house is burning stove. The dish came out on the streets begging in the district transportation workers. They sit-in protest in the hands of the dish.

Monday afternoon at Jessore town square staged manihara workers and traders.

They starve themselves die, but the darkness of the room and saw it as the wife of the child, if it continues to block the strike, we die of starvation, yet the children are unable to pay school fees, so if you take a few days and we will not be able to live.

Program, they vandalized, arson, bombs and petrol attacks human life and property damage involved in subversion and detention and prosecute them.

Deputy Minister delivered a speech to the United Nations, President of traditional religion in protest sribhusana Ghosh, president of airline workers aisles Azizul Islam, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian Unity Council general secretary Santosh Dutta, Transport Sramik president Golam Mostafa, human hauler Owners Association president Moniruzzman, Fruit Dealers Association president Rahman Moni, the old bus terminal dealers Association President khayarujjamana Palash Mithu Airlines workers Association, former joint secretary Selim Reza, peace and order, the general secretary Iqbal Hossain tagara, Nasir Uddin, business leaders Mujibur Rahman.

MET program Sramik organizing secretary Sheikh Rashid phulu harunara.

Workers' organizations and businesses participated in the dish as well as working people and laborers. They took part in the program manihara premises empty dish in hand position.

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