Monday, January 5, 2015

Correspondent: Private TV channel ETV police arrested Abdus Salam

Correspondent: Private TV channel ETV police arrested Abdus Salam. Monday early morning at three o'clock at night under the ETV office arrested DB has been brought to the office.

Meanwhile, Head of the itabhira tabiba Admin Tariq said, we received news of the police drove him. On hearing the news here, yet I could not tell her position. However, being in contact with stakeholders, he said.
ETV officials said Saeed Munna, at three o'clock at night time to go home, the office, a group of plainclothes police from the bottom of a white microbus took ETV Chairman Abdus Salam. However, we do not know where he had been taken.
ETV ceyyaramyanera driver Saeed Munna quoting the Chairman at 3 pm at night, going out of the car park when suddenly surrounded by people 10/1 and say hi to you brother. After confirming the identity of the car to get him off. If he does not try to shift the driver drove down by the collar gives a police driver. Then one of them based on the vehicle driving seat, while others drove up to the chairman of Jakarta, but when the driver goes on to say, "we are in the office of DB 'draibharera According to the 10/1 John DB had the walkie talkie and weapons and everyone was white However, one of them was wearing a jacket in the DB.

A reliable source DB office Sunday night itibhite BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia's controversial speech may have been detained in the Abdus Salam.

After expressing the Tareq ETV broadcast was closed. Many people complained, in different parts of the country are not going to broadcast on ETV.
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