Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Ershad resolving the crisis through dialogue suggestions

 Ershad resolving the crisis through dialogue suggestions

Dhaka: Awami League government has started to become intolerant of opposition has called on the aggression of the National Party (JP) and the Prime Minister's Special Envoy Chairman HM Ershad. The need to address the current situation, the two parties have suggested that the crisis through dialogue.

The current political situation in the country on Tuesday evening in a statement, he suggested.

He says, "the government is intolerant of opposition parties have started to run on the aggression. As a result of extreme panic and uncertainty among the people coming down. "

He said, "This situation can not go on a sovereign country, and conflict and democracy can not go together. Become endangered due to political democracy. "

Country and extreme political violence, instability, violence towards claiming the former president said, "Since the start of the new year has started the conflict politics. The Amazon-like negative politics of the colonial period of the siege was again revived. "

JP Chairman, said, "the people in the name of anti-government movement barjanakarira January 5 Select the program to hostage taking. On the other hand the government to crack down on the opposition role of aggressors. We can not accept none. "

Considering the interests of the people on both sides, flexible and with the advice of the Prime Minister's special envoy to stay calm, "said the negotiations with all parties to resolve the crisis through peaceful means should be adopted. Protests will change. "
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