Thursday, January 15, 2015

National Human Rights Commission chairman said. Mizanur Rahman, declared war on the people one could ever be successful.

National Human Rights Commission chairman said. Mizanur Rahman said, "I appealed to them to block the call of those who are violent, declared war on the people one could ever be successful. So I beseech you, do not waste our future. "

Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH) Hospital Burn and Plastic Surgery Unit strike-distress to victims of violence in the political purpose, he said.

Injured victims of violence come to the hospital to meet with individuals and families, he spoke to reporters.

Frustration and anger, "he said at the scene not to be normal."

If they could discuss political dissent comment Mizanur Rahman said, "Politics can not be violent, it would be non-violent. Terrorism in the name of politics, violence, people burning someone she can not accept. "

He responded to the call of the people being burnt, they beg you to spare those people violent acts. "

Former foreign minister condemned attacks on diplomats Riaz Rahman, Chairman of the Human Rights Commission.

He also posed the question, "said Riaz Rahman had many hospital. Gave several statements. Dhaka Medical College Hospital burn unit rickshaw stand, van, teacher and see how many of the students come? '

Replying to a question, he said, "the responsibility of every citizen to ensure the safety of the state. However, the recent attack on the sly, it is quite difficult to largely be eliminated. "

Students from countries that may institution sankamuktabhabe urged politicians to create an atmosphere.

Addressing media workers, "he said in the media every day showing horrible news and pictures. The adverse impact on our children. Give us salvation from the horrible pictures. '

Doctors burn unit feudal Red Sen said, since January 5, twenty-two were admitted to the burn unit consumed. Two of them died, 10 people were admitted to treatment is gone, and 1 still....

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