Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Chairman trunk schoolgirl rape!

 Chairman trunk schoolgirl rape!

Comilla Debidar gunaighara Chairman Truth Alam girl rape allegations against a neighboring one.

Meanwhile, after the incident, the girl will not suit the different types of families are alleged to have been threatened. However, the victim's father filed Kotwali police station on Sunday children and women have been filed.

Police said the girl on the way back from the past 4 November Debidwar Truth Alam took wits. Went to a home in the city Choukbazar, the girl was beaten and raped. Three days after the incident, was sued Truth Alam. There are so many complaints against the chairman of the Truth and Alam said the Awami League leader.

The student is a victim of abuse, 'Truth on the way to the bus station, the chairman of the rickshaw sasanagacha turn leads Chawk Bazar. Protested thump beat, slap me. Green, a man assaulted me home. When the chairman of the Truth in the bathroom with her cell phone to call his mother. '

Meanwhile, the accused was arrested, Truth and Justice Alam, demonstrations and protest demanding the locals.SEO bangal news, onnine news.current news,top news, rape, online English news paper, rape case,

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