Wednesday, January 28, 2015

France wants to strengthen cooperation in the security issue

France wants to strengthen cooperation with the security issue.

Ambassador of France's foreign minister Abul Hasan Ali abarta Sophie told the meeting. Earlier, he met with Foreign Minister Shahriar Alam.

The Ambassador abarta the expansion of economic ties between the two countries in the discharge of his duties and to enforce precedence. The ambassador, the water treatment plant has a large-scale investment projects in France. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at the recent terrorist attacks in Paris Shirley hebadora condemn and protest rally in Paris to participate in the Ambassador expressed his gratitude. COP 21 climate change conference this year in Paris, organized by the support he sought.

Both Foreign Minister and Minister of State abartake During his welcome to strengthen the relations between Bangladesh and France hoped that. The meeting discussed the steps taken by the Government of Bangladesh's economic development dutite is.

Wales Bangladesh Chamber meeting: The Foreign Affairs Shahriar Alam Wales Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry 4-member delegation to the meeting. The delegation of British parliamentarians, Wales mainstream investors and the expatriate Bangladeshis living there.

State delegation highlighted the success of the economic sectors of the Government of Bangladesh. He is active in several international economic forum, the Government of Bangladesh

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