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Once the river is now the heroine of the porn photo treachery Godfather

Once the river is now the heroine of the porn photo treachery Godfather

8 September 14 imh-one time porn film long ago banned the controversial heroine ephadisite River. Since then he has continued to juggle other means. It took an average cycle of a twister. This cycle has a number of young women and young men. Identity theft is now the remains of the job itself. Remains is to know about the river, the film arena, he is known as the porn film actress. However, the film with Shakib Khan 'byadamyana', Amin Khan, 'Naked Assault' and the late manna 'tejipurusasaha He has acted in several movies. However, about 4 years ago on charges of abuse of several films were banned ephadisite him. Since then, the river has become one of the main occupations prataranai. There are allegations of fraud against him. Comes out as a case of cheating cheating in the sensational information.

Last Saturday afternoon, Mohakhali, Gulshan Link Road, Multiplan provocative attire and sporting goods in a variety of sports and went sorume River. Remains to identify himself as one of the busiest. 7 million worth of goods to buy selectively. Then they shoot the car. Sent home in the vehicles. Shopkeeper told him, no cash, there's several dollars. They will have to pay the price of breathe. Karwan Bazar, or will this be her aide. Sent to the driver by calling redeem dollars. Already in a private car stopped in front of the shop. Putting the 'Press' sticker text. Stuck to the side of the private television channel logos of banlabhisana. Two young men from the car down to the politicians themselves into sorume, 'Madam has a little trouble. Your car puncture wheel has seven street corners. The driver can not come up with the money. 'River to the store manager and asked for 50 thousand rupees. After you get the money out of the showroom of a sudden 'press' read the writing became the heroine of the vehicle. The color-by-side with a fast car and try to escape. Store employees chased the mugger was screaming. Served at Gulshan-1 SI and SI Abdul Mannan Abdul Barek. They were able to stop the car. From cars to go down the river Thursday. Some of the people present at the time the police and tried to prevent his hand. Whatever the circumstances, getting in front of the river yakei suddenly began to bite. Others, including the fear of bites are taken aback. Fled up the river on the sidelines of a car. His driver was in a rush decamp. The police seized the vehicle logosaha TV channels. Been detained 'fake journalists' identification ohidula and Farooq.

Gulshan police chief Rafiqul Islam, who was arrested two individuals to show an identity card, but could not identify the journalist banlabhisanera themselves. They make sure that the banlabhisana authorities, the channel is not part of the two. Banlabhisanera Benazir Ahmed told the news section, getting the news, they sent their own people to the scene. It is not the number of cars that have been recovered. Banlabhisanera unlikely to be arrested for any involvement. The logotio not given them. Totally hype.

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banglaesh is being Unintelligent race

Unintelligent race ..

"Dhaka University admission test showed that we are a nation unintelligent. Kari a child spending, bribery taste, the money is stolen, private tautara, sacks and sacks of money back into coaching and obtaining GPA-5 with all ganahare asbadimba race did nothing to engender. No student was not anywhere I decide to, I wonder if someday to private tiutarera, was not able to teach. Enough, then the college teachers. It was their commitment. Dhaka University to read anywhere I decide to feel pride.

Yeah, my daughter came to Dhaka, the parents speak English to the local kids, but my English is not everyone wrong. English to Bengali tells me that I am. Bangla can not say it correctly. Bengali Bengali drama seeing learned a wonderland. Medhahinara now writes plays, thereby purifying carcca Bengal is going to end. My son had the same issue the millennium sunrise. Speak the truth, my son, a daughter who has graduated from both the University of Toronto, an Economics, from an International Relations. Both would skalastikaya Dhaka, Sunrise Grade 5, Yeah, there are up to Grade Three. From school to university or private tautara absolutely need them, not for the coaching. "

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Ramu brutal matches young murder victim Hassan

Ramu brutal matches young murder victim Hassan

Shoaib Saeed, Ramu (Cox's Bazar) 9 September 14 imh-Cox's Bazar in Sadar upazila on Sunday was rescued from the river khali arm severed left arm. Earlier on Saturday, have been recovered from the canal area of ​​Cox's Bazar Sadar Upazila head piemakhali chanakhola. Be recovered in the two parts of the body have become corrupted. Yet look at the size of the family members contributed ideas. Hassan (7) bodies.

Ramu were young. Hassan has caused such an uproar over the killings brutal matches. After five days, the search for missing match khali River separated from the body of Hassan's head and hands. Are such brutal matches hatabihabala massacre, Hasan's relatives and people from all walks of Ramu.

Hyakandera victims were young businessman. Zakir Hassan Ahmad's son Ramu upazila mandalaparara phatekhamrakula Union. 3 out of the house and did not return in September to publish. Used his mobile phone was off that day.

Hassan's family on behalf of the victims have not yet taken any legal action. However, in the case sandebhajana Ramu police arrested a youth. They are the names of the young Sun (4). He srikula Ramu village phatekhamrakula Union.

Initiative on Monday in protest against the killings of people from all walks of Ramu (9 September) Ramu Chaumuhani ten a.m. human chain and protest rally was held at the station. He immediately demanded exemplary punishment to the perpetrators of this incident is the real mystery udaghatanasaha.

Big brother Mohammad Hassan. Ismail said, the money was to go to Saudi Arabia Hasan. Meanwhile, for the past 3 and a half tolas gold to pawn of September was out of the house. But that day he did not come back, family members became concerned, absolutely. From that day on his mobile phone was not even close.

He is the last Saturday in a head floating in the river khali piemakhali Get news chanakhola area. Police later recovered the head. Khali regime in the river has been recovered from a hand. He has ideas, the two parts of the body of his brother Hasan.

Cox's Bazar Sadar Model Police Station Shah Alam, the locals informed the police of the surrounding area has recovered from a head. DN has been sent for testing to Chittagong. He killed the man's body, trying to rescue the other sects. Chittagong sent for DNA testing to be delivered on Monday, would have known terrible.

Mohammad. Relatives of known or organizing ideas Hassan was kidnapped by a knock cycle Hassan to loot all killed him. To conceal the killings and corpses floating down the pieces. They said the killing has been ramutei.

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Pamcamase child marriage: nirlajjbatai the main features of their character ...

 Pamcamase child marriage: nirlajjbatai the main features of their character ...

Completely healthy child was born just five months of marriage! Were interested in hearing the news of their Professional. Tried to find out. Married on 17 April 014, and 014 mother September! In all, only 5 months! Yet, how many weeks of pregnancy and tried to understand it.

It reached the inside of her unborn child after pamcamasa to think again studied. As we do not match in any way! The so-called progressive and ধর্মনিরপেক্ষতাবাদীদের separate accounts! According to their marriage and fundamentalist culture byakadeteda sadi am! Pragatisilara will libhatugedara called, will partner with another person, the child will be known as the mom! Trouble in the marriage-disappoint! Progress! So why pamcamasa wedding, but there is no difficulty pamcasaptaha after the baby is born!

Browse people in our country drama-movie-media in their lives Otherwise pankilataya fastener. There just are not that many different pankilata inside them they are spreading everywhere. And behind them, in the name of modernity, of progress, in the name of women's rights in all media around the country, the so-called human rights and feminists!

Socialize with others before marriage is very common now. Not only that, many are going into a relationship before marriage as husband and wife! Everyone wants to hide, but still holding santara before marriage. Many hospitals have seen the consequences, those who hide mischief to his life! Trash sadyaprasuta child's body found in drain.

Pregnancy is one of the reasons why our society is still bibahabahirbhuta or abnormal sexual relations, anti-social, illegal, seem very dear. Khappare immorality they think the people who are engaged in Trade. But some media and media personality who has nastamike think the usual. A picture of the so-called actress Farzana. He married his mother, and it is just a formal way pamcamasera head are all even including his own baby picture on Facebook! Ensure that the so-called marriage before the child's conception (of the baby's father in raising the question of whether he is the husband of the actress, allegedly, was the marriage or family preferences). The most amazing is the wedding of the actress and her alleged husband inside the santanadharana whole family we have not seen any signs! Matter does not mean that the child should be destroyed. The child is not worth it. But after the whole family getting the kind of mother that a child is not receiving the actress, her husband! Rather, they behave as if it is quite natural and normal subjects appointed media publicize the issue! That is the most scary thing.

Now would be a lot more because of the destruction of one of the so-called lajjbabodha actors think that the ideal number of young people is growing slowly and are called civil media present them as the norm! Dress, Part, live, socialize, etc. has destroyed many natural lajjbabodhao. Now illegal, has begun to be accelerated lajjbabodha bibahabahirbhuta lie about childbirth! In the future, some of those actresses share photos and promote child born outside of wedlock pregnancy would not be surprised! Because the so-called modernism nutanaprajanmake odikei that, in the name of culture and secularism.

Legal action will be taken against the lecherous lover

 Legal action will be taken against the lecherous lover

9 September 14 imh Bazar police arrested one expedition lovers. Monday afternoon on a tip off police Rafiqul Hasan paurasaharera raids police arrested the head of a meal at the hotel.

SI said Rafiqul Hasan, Mohammad sahaghonara maheskhali district kalamarachara Union College student paduya temptation Love relate to the average wedding in the suburbs Cox expressed Ariful kalatalira area of the Corinthian Karim. Through the relationship with the girl, and the last three days, there is a resident Lama mirinja they ratayapana hotel.

Monday afternoon, down from the car with the girl boyfriend cheater lover fled the young student was detained relatives. He said the head of the news getting Chakaria paurasaharera police arrested two men who were at the hotel for a meal.

Chakaria police officer in charge (OC) prabhasa Chandra Dhar said, boyfriend couple being interrogated in police custody. They both agreed to the marriage, with the consent of the family as well. If not it is subject to the receipt of the complaint will be taken legal action against the lecherous boyfriend

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Treatment and release Azam says wife

 Treatment and release Azam says wife


Professor Golam Azam, former Ameer Jamaat his wife Syeda Afifa Azam said physical condition deteriorated. Professor Golam Azam Azam Afifa Syeda for treatment and demanded his release.

Through a press release sent to the media on Sunday night, he said.

Syeda Afifa Azam said, on Saturday, my husband, Professor Golam Azam (9) was the day with the regular meeting. Separate sessions of the 'prison cell' in the afternoon, I got to meet with him. His physical condition was very poor. Today was the worst ever seen in him. That have become so weak physically withdraw from the bed has been duijane. Wane of sight, hearing, much reduced and very feeble voice. Left ear to his mouth to speak and had trouble being heard. Hand-Foot-neck-head movement is not his strength. Losing weight day by day, has become dry ghost. Have up to six times in the bathroom. Three times in less than a month left in the past. Can not stop talking about to eat.

He said, according to Ghulam Azam, became the last Thursday her condition was very poor and the doctor told him that his condition deteriorated. Very sad and strange thing, but told him that his condition deteriorated his health deteriorated seriously this has informed us that none of the hospital authorities or prison authorities.

We fear that this kind of contempt, indifference, neglect, ignore and inhumane behavior may at any time cause a serious situation. Treatment and overall leader bisbabarenya seen such apathy and neglect is too painful to listen, which is not desirable in any healthy bibekasampanna people.

He also considers the overall condition of my husband's treatment and care, as Professor Golam Azam œ very prompt him to make sure to keep the overall supervision of the family insisted that I request the appropriate authorities. If not, at least at the time, should be allowed to have a family eyatenadenta.

The great leaders of the Islamist movement in the world that any serious problems due to neglect and ayata œ the suspicion of the authorities concerned of the responsibility.

Good understanding of all human flourishing and drstikono be willing to consider making the case; Wish. Professor Golam Azam that he would pray to the nation.

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Maulana Delwar Hossain Sayedee was not justice: the ongoing impact of the verdict: Allama Shah Ahmad Shafi

Maulana Delwar Hossain Sayedee was not justice: 

the ongoing impact of the verdict: Allama Shah Ahmad 



The custody of the Director General of the caller Qaumi Madrasah Education Board Chairman Allama Shah Ahmad Shafi said Hatahajari madrasa, Maulana Delwar Hossain Sayedee on war crimes charges was not justice. Impact on the outcome of the protestors. He said in a statement Thursday night.

Any public statement that he was not distracted by any propaganda urged to stay alert, we have started a campaign against the infidel come together, the consistency will be flawless. Our movement will continue to achieve the desired limit.

Statement, the government has blocked the national mosque has hurt the religious sentiments of believers. He called for the immediate withdrawal of the decision.

Custody sources, resulting in post-judgment action to determine Sayeede Friday evening meeting with top scholars Allama saphira. This movement is discussed in several aspects. Various activities of the government of God, and the movement penalty claims are discussed. However, harassment and psychological pressure on the leaders to the custody of the agency, sources said that they are operating. However, custody and all Islamic groups and organizations throughout the country with religious people running nastikabirodhi decided to strengthen the movement, sources said.

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To solve their problems themselves

 To solve their problems themselves

9 September 014: Selection and political dialogue between the BNP-led coalition government after Eid to create pressure on the cuff of the streets in Dhaka amid threat markina Ambassador Dan W. Mozena have hopes for a quick solution to political crisis. Issue of the 'internal', she said, I think the final decision about the country's political parties and the people. They need to resolve it. No one will be solved at the level of discussion, hoping that the U.S. envoy said, the people will solve their internal problems, they will continue the collaboration with the naught. Communicate regularly with the foreign ambassadors and representatives of the diplomatic correspondent of the PBS show "Dan was the main speaker was organized yesterday dikaba majina of taka. Talk about taking responsibility for shipping in 3 years took part in this first dikaba. Most recently, the country's 64 districts visited, the mission has successfully concluded majina. Yesterday was the inaugural speech in the context of large ansajure. Amazing beauty and immense potential in the soil of Bengal, he tackles the emotional speech mugdha doing. But the country's overall development and to exploit the vast potential that still has all of the challenge was to identify the 5 things. Political instability, corruption, lack of good governance, the energy crisis and the importance of communication with speech, highlighted the plight of the U.S. ambassador. "Resolvable problems" like that, she said, Bangladesh can go ahead if it does not resolve the potential of this country can become very fast Asian taigare. Dikaba National Press Club VIP Lounge hosted by President Mainul Alam presided and welcomed guests at the event spoke to the caller, the general secretary of the grapes Nahar Monty. GSP facility for Bangladeshi products to the market in the United States, and that the politics involved with the Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed geche attention to the remarks of the U.S. ambassador's position was clear. The Generalised System of GSP benefits pripharensesa or suspension or any other matter, the quality of the labor involved. States with the labor standard is the development of the global udogera majina, the sector that has been the subject of a great deal of importance has been taken into account, he said, such things as foreign study, he and the Secretary of Commerce and Labor in Dhaka 5 angel regularly every 6 weeks sitting. When fully implemented, the global initiative for the development of the sector after the GSP to RMG sector will become number one in the world hoped banradesa majina Dan. Rana Plaza at the steps of the security sector workers majina appreciated, not only in the trenches, pharmasiutikalasa, ledarasaha has many sectors. Bangladesh has the potential to become champs therein. Require political will to curb corruption in the sector majina, solving problems for the neighboring countries of Bhutan, Nepal and India to cooperate may be. He added that Bangladesh could import jalabidut Bhutan. The health care context, he said, moving towards the development of the country's medical system. Diarrhea, pneumonia mortality events is reduced. Extremism and terrorism that the peace-loving people is a threat to any country, he said, would be to prevent the militants in Iraq and Syria to the ISO. Crimea with Russia on trade block with the principle differences preksate States wants to cooperate with all countries of the world including Bangladesh. The ambassador said, Russia is the aggressive attitude and should prevent it in the ranks of the country.

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

'Ye nacabo naked' --- balalo student leader Tuhin


As well as the student movement was equally palityakanikera palityakanikera Students Dhaka. Yes No police presence at noon to inhibit movement of the student-chatrideraupara attacks and defends them. BCL activists before police pulled esamaiya hecara Students are stinking. Ekaparyaya student leader from early frost, which is to say that the purpose of the students, not the prison nacabo naked. Journalists present at the press was forbidden to speak to him, this kind of pornography on the rush. Kamrul student leader came. One student was allegedly beaten in the morning against the League leaders Kamrul.
Feedback: ...
71 O people of Bengal .... This is what we did in defeating Pakistan? The blood flow then this is why we are today in the hands of the independent country of the savage brute chatraligadera women'll be the victim? Where narinetrira today?
Come, like a roar in the middle of the back 71. I like the beat Pakistan Awami League, Juba, atheists and those left chatrarigasaha narinetridera actual women who are working for the right haranera.
Otherwise, we will be responsible for our future generation.
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Madrasah student jugulate

 Madrasah student jugulate

Hafez Abu Raihan phakirabarira dhanikhola Trishal samaniya Para (16) of the 8 th grade student madrasa Thug Police recovered the body. Locals protest killing of demonstrations demanding the execution of the guilty. OC trishal rescue body (Investigation) Rezaul Karim, dead throat, neck, arms, abdomen, around the body of the deceased at the sharp throwing nitambasaha hurt, police said. Demonstrations in protest of the killing of the guilty to death yesterday morning trishal demanded retaliation. Two women and one man were questioned by police after the incident. Raihan was killed due to his young students did not divulge the exact number of the issues that the police are investigating the police.

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Joypurhat bank loot by theft

Joypurhat bank loot by  theft




Dhaka News - 7 September 014: Joypurhat crore bank stole two criminals off the walls. Friday night, the city is located on the second floor of the bank's main branch building Shahjahan the theft happened. It is believed to have stolen nearly two million. Joypurhat Sadar police station officer in charge (OC) Abdur Rashid, the government said, the miscreants broke the bank on the east side off the walls into the Vault and stole the money of one crore 95 lakh is suspect. However, the amount may be higher or lower. Managing Director of the Bank in Dhaka. He will know the details.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Seventh-grade student teacher pithunite injuries

Seventh-grade student teacher pithunite injuries

Chakaria pratinidhihsiti on Thursday, September 14 imh Chakaria 0 gold baraitali assistant junior high school teacher tempered seventh-grade student at the school was seriously injured severely pithunite Meters Mary. Family members of the local hospital in critical condition has jamajama. The incident occurred at the school last Thursday. 0 September Saturday afternoon at the hospital found that student bodies still remained swollen injuries.

Family members in the student, under the union baraitali ekatabajara area closest to the house baraitali Kabir Hossain Akhter Mary attended junior high school in the seventh section. Last Thursday afternoon, when the thirst for water level of the student out of the room to go to school tiubaoyele drink. The Assistant Teacher Dulal Kanti Das entered the class room pathadane. Girl drinking water after a while she went into a room in the Level Meters to go softly on the handle. Where were you want to know the duration of her students.

Family members, however, claim to have tiubaoyele oisamaya school teacher Mary drink was tired of it. Fist-punched the girl was seriously injured and killed instantly at the teacher.
Family members told reporters complained, getting the news of the incident immediately to the student in the school of Mary, mother chaleha Begum and brother rescued him serious injuries and was admitted to the local hospital jamajama. Since that day they stand outside the headmaster could not tell him. The alleged incident at the teacher and his over-pangara does anyone have to tell the girl's family alleged that the relatives are pressing.

Dulal Kanti Das for The complaint alleged the teacher is trying to communicate with. But without trying to connect his mobile phone was found.
Acting Chief Executive Officer and the Assistant Commissioner under Chakaria (Land) momaina Uddin, no educational institutions in accordance with government policy, the student does not have to beat. If that is the case, it's really sad. He complained about the appropriate action to be taken when.

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hostel university student dragged to conceal the sexual torture in bangladesh

hostel  university student dragged to conceal the sexual torture in bangladesh

20 September 2014 jadabapura imh-Calcutta University student last August 8, one of the few students students dragged him out on the sexual assault. This phenomenon is known to have occurred during the tragic events at yayaoi abused a student at the University authorities said the incident and filed a police complaint. But the absence of any progress in the investigation, the committee demanded the formation of a new committee offended students.

On Tuesday, hundreds of university students of educational jadabapura khyatinama Kolkata tragic incident protested. Student sexual harassment of students to protest the formation of the new committee is to be applied.

Offended without hasthaksepa University Students demanded a new investigation.

After the events of August 8, a committee of the University authorities, but there is no progress in the investigation of the committee. Even the police did not arrest any of the students.

However, the accused student of the Faculty of Arts of the University Students.

Student alleged victims, said after the incident to press charges for the grassroots supporters inside and outside the university, he is constantly threatened.

University campus police have been deployed to keep the situation under control.

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Amendments to ban Jamaat becoming curantahsigagirai cabinet

Amendments to ban Jamaat becoming curantahsigagirai cabinet

3 September 14 imh-liberation Jamaat as an organization to judge International Crimes (Tribunals) Act, 014 are fixed to the cabinet soon. In the meantime, the draft amendment to the law has been finalized.

Policy will be placed in the cabinet next month for approval minister Anisul Huq said. He said the law has been finalized. It is waiting for the moving of the cabinet. Final amendments to ban Jamaat.

According to the ministry of law, war crimes and the future activities of banned organizations involved in the provision of ICT to ban amendment has been finalized. Draft proposal to amend section 10 of the Act has been. Section seven of the 'person' as well as the word 'organization' has replaced the term.

0 section of the draft has been referred to in sub-section, the Tribunal may prohibit a convicted organization. Future activities of the organization or any other sanctions to be able to. There is only one sentence in section 0 of the existing law.

In 1973 to prosecute war crimes in the International Crimes (Tribunals) Act 010 in the war crimes trial began. Prior to July 14, the International Criminal Law 009, 009 are fixed in the first round. The second amendment of the accused in the absence of the 01 declared him a fugitive from justice, a tribunal is a tribunal case of relocation. Well third was fixed in February 013.

Currently working on the fourth amendment to the final round. Individuals accused of committing any of the provisions of existing laws, but does not mention the matter to trial. The trial is being amended to eliminate the legal complications. 009 The effectiveness of this amendment to the proposal on July 14, has been reported.

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Pregnant after a physical relationship in marriage tempts a young conman

 Pregnant after a physical relationship in marriage tempts a young conman

 Thursday, September r2014 Gunfight wedding 0 tempts a young hustler, lover pregnant after a physical relationship nalisi case against the police has now allegedly caught off guard. Muhammad Ali's name sake, a young man accused of 3 people arrested in the fraudulent charges, but accused of allegedly threatening to many young families.

Studies of case details, Chakaria municipalities ciringa Hospital Ward No.4 laying Md solaimanera son Mohammad Ali (4) Ward No. 8 kocapara daughter Sajeda Akter Hossain Ahmed of (18) to build a long-term marriage tempts physical relationship. Sajeda Begum was 4 months pregnant at that point. Pratarika boyfriend Mohammad Ali, the deceiver to the pressure to get married, not married, and in many ways the opposite of the tarunike threatened.

The helpless Begum Sajeda Chakaria filed against 14 persons in a deposition filed on September 3. The defendant No. 1 from 15 September municipal bus terminal area, police arrested the investigating officer SI Mohammad Ali Jamal Hossain.

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the child has been raped by the 50-year-old in bangladesh at pirerabage mirpur

The child has been raped by the 50-year-old in bangladesh at pirerabage mirpur

child rape picture

News Desk, BT on Thursday, September 1, 14 imh The 50-year-old eight-year Mirpur South pirerabage has raped a child. The incident took place at 1 pm on Wednesday morning. The baby was admitted to Dhaka Medical College Hospital.

Mirpur Model Police Station sub-inspector (SI) imanura said, 337/4 / The South pirerabagera happened at home. Second house next to a school student raped children.
He bhyanacalaka the baby's father. Other home-home mother worked. Changing the house around noon on Wednesday 1 Brother Bakul (50) into the house and raped the child. After returning home from school at the time of the child is the victim.

1 pm on Wednesday night after the baby's father has filed Mirpur model. Ekano bakulake detained until the police could not convict.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

faick money in bangladesh to pay garment factory workers Lumbini authorities with counterfeit money

  faick money in bangladesh to pay  garment factory workers Lumbini authorities with counterfeit money

14 September 14 imhbandarabane garment factory workers Lumbini authorities to pay with counterfeit money, counterfeit currency notes from the market mess that was over crowded. Which has spread panic among traders. Weekly market in Bandarban Sadar upazila Sunday notake of counterfeit money in sellers and buyers in more than 10 rows and blows occurred. However, Bandarban garment factory workers of Lumbini authorities to pay about 7 to 50 million from the Islamic Bank in Bandarban district branch to withdraw cash. After the pay of factory workers by about 7 to 4 branches are distributed by supervisors. Workers pay money to buy the necessary goods on the shop owners caught in fake currency notes. Up to several hundred factory workers in Lumbini after eghatanara protest.

News of the incident, the police came in to land, from the workers seized 38 fake currency notes of Rs. Said a man named Abdul remuneration, the location of the factory girl dress Lumbini 6 of the 36 money-earning employment. After buying two of the money the shopkeeper told Rice the money or fake money. Without the money to him, he said there is no money to buy rice. Grocery store shopkeeper Mohammad Uddin land in Bandarban, fake dollar notes in hand to Lumbini dress factory workers and one thousand five hundred rupees from the market of counterfeit notes were exorbitant. Shopkeepers from customers to take note of the new one thousand and five hundred rupees fear.

Shame about the Lumbini Factory Mofizul Islam Mamun, told reporters on Thursday that the Islamic bank to withdraw money from the 50 million factory has 4 branches distributed to the workers by supervisors. Tam in the 5 million to 64 workers in the finishing section 96 of the money has been distributed. Distributed in 96 workers of just some of the finishing section is fake money. Vat is this money from the bank to their ideas. These events have been referred to the factory owner. Ebyapare Bandarban police said a complaint had been filed.

The Islamic Bank branch manager Mohammad Kawsar Bandarban told reporters, Lumbini factory authorities have been understood by virtue of the money from the bank. Count the money they took a look. Three days after getting the fake money that is not acceptable.

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British journalist "redali" Muslims of Afghanistan Fighters hands are free to be yourself and accept Islam As the cause of a great Makes the event gathers

British journalist "redali" Muslims of Afghanistan
Fighters hands are free to be yourself and accept Islam
As the cause of a great

Makes the event gathers:
He said, after being freed from Afghanistan
My Jewish friends / girls raped
Did not want to trust it !!
Rather, they would ask me repeatedly -
"How many times I've been raped Muslim Mujahedin?
After just one year on the day I visited
Kidding. That is one of the taxi drivers
Asked me that - "You are the same British
Journalists "redali"? And I said-ji, I am
The British journalist "redali" Why?
He balala Well, never mind,
You are very beautiful; They are what you repeatedly
Been raped? "
Not too bad, but I had heard the question #
I said: - "No,, they touch me thanks
The ''
Then, my kind brother, said taxi drivers -
O, "BENNET" If I place my
 If you become a prisoner in the hands of your body
The touch used to amuse myself!
BENNET said :::::: ::::::
He is the first Muslim and Jewish men I treat
I started to think about goals and Islam.
I was a Muslim. Because, Muslims
Any day that I captured combatants
Touch me once niryatana
In that respect, but they do not insult one of the distant
Gave women the disbelievers, the thousand times I
Can not say - that the Word of Islam, Muhammad (pbuh)
Issued, in his sudu
Peace, security and respect the cool shade !!
Afghan Muslim fighters, which I
Saw prisoners. O people of the world, Muslims
Much safer than in the hands of a woman brothers dusamanera
Women and children are not safe in the hands of the disbelievers! Which
It views the evidence. . .
Aafia Siddiqa and Iraq's 10 million
How did they kill the baby !!!

Mophasasire Alem appeal of the final judgment of the Quran, Maulana Delwar Hossain Sayedee will be announced today

 Mophasasire Alem appeal of the final judgment of the Quran, Maulana Delwar Hossain Sayedee will be announced today

 ophasasire Alem appeal of the final judgment of the Quran, Maulana Delwar Hossain Sayedee will be announced today. Appellate Division of the Supreme Court in this case, the task has a number kramike the verdict was announced. The task is to express the Supreme Court website.

April 16, all of the cases appealed to the Appellate Division of Sayeede verdict is kept waiting. Today is the final judgment at the end of the five months. Judgment in the first place will be announced today.
The five-member bench headed by Chief Justice of Appeal in the case of appeals conducted jodicial proceedings.
Maulana Sayedee to death on February 8 last year, the International Crimes Tribunal-1. In 1971, murder, genocide, arson, looting, torture, rape, in the indictment dharmantarakaranasaha 0 state. Maulana Sayedee was convicted of eight charges. Tribunal had sentenced him to death on charges of two.
Appellate Division on March 8 last year than redeem Sayeede defense application. The six were convicted of charges; But the Tribunal mentioned sentence, and are demanding that the sentence refers to the same day of the prosecution's appeal.
Appeal hearing is on September 4 last year. Featured in more than six months after the time at the end of the appeals court ruling is waiting to be announced April 16.
Chief Justice for the hearing of appeals Sayeede Mozammel Hossain led the five-member appeals bench is formed. The other four justices of the bench, Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha, Justice Abdul Wahhab Miah, Justice Hasan Siddiqui and Justice AHM Shamsuddin Chowdhury Faiz.
Maulana Sayedee was executed for the murder of two ICT-1. Bisabali Abraham fell and killed two of the complaint.
The accused are charged against Sayeede 0. The Tribunal referred to the judgment of the eight were convicted. The maximum penalty for the murder of two of eight charges proven sentenced to death if convicted of the six left the Tribunal did not specify any punishment. The rest has been proven that the verdict of six charges that were mentioned include conversions, looting, arson and kidnapping.
The death of two charges: The charges against Sayeede that 0 is the charge of the eight accused in the May 8, 1971, the Pakistan Army and the Peace Committee, led Sayeede men looted the house of Manik posari cithaliya village. Manik posari Ebrahimkutty from home and is taken by both the Prosecution Mofizul market. They worked on the house. After assuming command of the Pakistan Army Prosecution Sayeede Ebrahimkutty shot.
No. 10 has been sentenced to death on charges that have been referenced in the order framing charges on 6 June 1971, at 10 am, led by Viruses are living in the village of 5 houses were set on fire. Cheap at the time of the order of one bisabali bound with coconut trees are killed.
Appeals to their sense of hearing, accused of killing Ebrahimkutty said Ebrahimkutty 8 May 1971, in his in-laws were killed Nalbunia. In 197, his wife Mumtaz Begum filed a case against 13 people, in the name of Sayeede. Mumtaz Begum is still alive.
Brief description of the case: 011 testimonies against Sayeede began on December 7. One year after the date of judgment at the end of the 01 cases was waiting on 6 December, the tribunal announced. But Skype tribunal chairman Justice Huq resigned over the scandal. The re-trial of the case demanded Maulana Apart from Sayeedi other applications from the defense. The application was rejected. The Tribunal ordered the Sayeede present case re-argued. January 13 is the start of the 013 arguments and arguments from both sides on January 9 When the last day of the verdict, the tribunal announced waiting.
To prosecute crimes against humanity committed during the Liberation War in 1971, 010 was formed in March, the International Criminal Tribunal -1. Was the first case before the Tribunal, the case against Maulana Delwar Hossain Sayedee. However, the verdict was announced in the fall issue of the Skype scandal.
Why is a man praying in the name of seller 009 Chief Judicial Magistrate's Court on August 1, 1971, incident, Maulana Delwar Hossain Sayedee filed a lawsuit against. After a few days of September 9, another person named Alam Maulana Sayeede nalisi court petition filed against the Pirojpu nalisi.
In 010, after the formation of the International Criminal Tribunal for the plaintiff, against Sayeede Pirojpur HOWLADER Alam on July 010 0 tribunal investigating war crimes in 1971 against the company, alleging the trial Sayeede claimed. Thus, the Tribunal comes under Sayeede and jodicial proceedings are started.
010 is a case of hurting religious sentiments deyasankranta Maulana Sayedee was arrested on June 9.
Introduction Sayeede: Maulana Delwar Hossain Sayedee in the February 1, 1940, was born in the village of Sayedkhali praying. Her father, a well-known Islamic scholar and speaker Maulana Yusuf Sayedee was daniancalera country.
Formal Islamic education institution founded by Maulana Sayedee his father received primary education by the end of the 196 studies in the madrasa education and devoted himself to the task.
Maulana Sayedee grades from 1967 in many countries around the world everywhere, and the holy Quran Tafsir. Many Hindus and people of other religions to hear his preaching had converted to Islam. Quran, hadith, and has authored numerous books on Islam. Got the title, fame and honor. Throughout his taphasirera audio-video available abroad. Been made ​​at home and abroad for his countless fans. Numerous well-known from many countries around the world have visited those countries and the Quran Tafsir organization made ​​invitation.

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Extra memorial relation

Extra memorial relation

Thabaya  fearsome wife  still difficult to be  crossed with soft.  Also believe that  there  is something that e everyone  forgets. There is no   peace  anywhere.  Do not get out of the house. Where the  sacred bond between husband and wife in a tragic vision of the volatility seen now.  And if  this friend continues, we  are likely to f ace in the  near future more bad situation. There  will always be so. 
I already have  the idea that her   husband  or wife on   Extra memorial relation likely to get  involved if you have a remedy. There is no  motion from the late return.

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Happy Birthday of Imdadul Haque Milon

Happy Birthday of  Imdadul Haque Milon

Imdadul Haque Milon novelist Sir
Happy Birthday, Many Many Thanks
Today is the 60th birthday of novelist Imdadul Haque Milon. On 8 September 1955, at home He was born in the village bikramapurera medinimandala. His ancestral home village in Munshiganj lohajang gold coins. His writing is amazing novel 'Nurjahan' has risen to fame for him, which is equal to the Bengali people of India are popular across the country today. So it's not just, 'Nurjahan' novel to be translated into multiple languages​​. August 30, India's most respected literary prize for this extraordinary novel 'aiaipiema Surma Chowdhury Memorial International Award. Organized by the Japan Foundation in 005 'Takeshi kayeko Asian Writers Memorial Lecture series in Japan as the only writer in the Bengali language and literature and his own writing in the four International Centre spoke about. This is a rare honor for Asian writers. Besides writing, he earned a reputation in journalism. He is currently editor of BSS.
Academy Award in recognition of his Bengali writings, Humayun Kadir literary award, the Medal of SM Sultan, III Youth Foundation Award, Sher Bengali medals, tenasinasa Award, Japan conscience literary award, literary prize Kolkata eye, Japan Writers' Award, Mother Teresa Award, bacasasa Award Country many bidese was awarded.

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today our Rangpur central bastarminale clashes

Today our Rangpur central bastarminale clashes took place between the supporters

Today our Rangpur central bastarminale clashes took place between the supporters of the owner and the secretary of labor. Many of the people who vandalized the owner's labor secretary MA Majid's car vandalized. This situation prevails today in the afternoon. All of them are in the hands of lathisotha and swords and machete. Sbasbane pm at Surrey terminal turns into night. Is throwing stones. Let's keep the car stopped temporarily. After a lot of ordinary people suffering etekare. Chure rubber bullets after police arrived to a relaxed situation. Chure on their bats to beat the workers. After that, they do not afford the police are unable to disperse. Police said the owner of the general store, a few people have been injured lathicaryera karone passes the Prime Medical College Hospital. According to the minister by the name of one of the fish from being shot by police to stick the knife was shot. Prime is also admitted to the Medical College Hospital. Among these, one is MANDATORY. Send the neighborhood, police chased the people of the neighborhood sway. The few people were slightly injured. One of the workers, police spies, buffet, lathbi Murray. Now the situation is all natural. Police are now warning the Chou-street Moore told achetabe There is not dying, it will happen. I parabenaallaha apatota jante this incident tomorrow khabaraagami.

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The top private University of illegal in bangladesh government has announced

The private University of illegal in bangladesh government  has said

The private University of illegal in bangladesh government  has said

1. Darul Ihsan University
2. Prime University
3. Asian University
4. Atish Dipankar Science
And Technology University
5. Southern University
6. Northern University
7. People's University
8. Bijisi Trust
9. IBAIS University
10. International Islamic University
Chittagong (IIUC)
11. America Bangladesh University
1. American World University
13. Bangladesh University
14. University of Science and
Technology Chittagong (USTC)
15. International University of Business
Agriculture and Technology (IUBAT)
16. Queens University
17. Picablenda
18. Madinatula Uloom University
19. American World University
0. Premier University of Technology

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online news of Maulana Delwar Hossain Sayedee after finishing namazer janaa he told that he is innocent

Janajasese son Maulana Sayedee 
One drop of mud on my own in '71

Maulana  Delwar  Hossain Sayedee said, in  1971, he was involved in any such evil deeds. His body did not have the slightest mud. Cheap Asr prayers today jyesthachele raphika Javanese brief speech, he said bin.  Died Wednesday of a heart attack today   Raphika Maulana Sayedee was released on parole.
Barsiyana scholars who lead prayers to his son's  Funerals. In addition to the  18-party alliance leaders in the country's leading scholars present. Is the presence of a heart Sayeede environment. Drrhakanthe   short speech he said, "I war criminals, thieves, robbers are being made​​.  By Allah, I am completely innocent. In  1971, a drop of mud on my left. "In solidarity with the people at the present time.
After a lot of uncertainty at the end of the  afternoon after 4 pm to take part in prayer, his son Maulana Delwar Hossain Sayedee was released on parole.
Due to the uncertainty of parole Maulana  Sayedee yesterday afternoon till  4 pm It was the news of his son's death. Even before his death, that he was taken ill in the hospital, she did not tell him about.
Shop Daily New Horizon has  Sayeede Massoud was the third son and their lawyer Barrister Tanvir Ahmed  Al Amin from Dhaka Central Jail at 1 came out. They did not meet until the end, but can be seen with   Sayeede returned.  When released on parole at the time he said he would be killed. Shop Masud said, "my father's death, relying on big  bhaira prison authorities had been forbidden before. Spending so  much time alone in his prison after  the news  jhamkipurna may  be. '
Raphika bin Lily died yesterday morning till 4 pm today in the afternoon, many uncertainties caused Sayeede parole.   International  Criminal Court to postpone the time of death was confirmed. As a result, there can not be found in any order. Today, the state minister for home  Shamsul  Haque Tuku was released on parole petition to try to reach. But he was not in his office at the Ministry. Finally after 4 pm in the afternoon at his residence on  Minto Road, parole is confirmed.
Shop Cheap third son  Masud told by three and a  half, at the residence of his father being released on parole  file crossfire Road T.  She alleged that the death of his grandmother,
Maulana Sayedee was released on parole was denied the right to a minimum time of six hours. He repeated the same to happen this time expressed concern.

After the prayer, the heart-rending speech Video  Allama Delwar Hossain Sayedee Son Father Son shoulder body

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