Saturday, January 17, 2015

Two teams of his team to abandon the politics of vengeance upon all

 Two teams of his team to abandon the politics of vengeance upon all

Parliament Jatiya Party Chairman HM Ershad's main street to the main opposition said, 'How would the body? Do not take away people's lives. Photabena's not. Do not give up the bomb in the hands of the youth. "

Peace rally held on Saturday afternoon, the National Party said kakaraila office said. Burn-burn across the country, organized the rally to protest against the oppression of the National Party.

He says, 'a group of people hostage to politics. Factories are closing their due. People are starving. The government failed to protect human life and property. One day the government will be held accountable. "

The former president said, "None of the two parties can not avoid politics of vengeance. To abandon them. Antei change for peace will be antei, will antei. "

In the announcement of the country's two major political parties of the two teams in each resistance to the streets to resist the man said. The two parties said that refused to build a new politics.

He says, "We should not sit on the sidelines. Have to resist. To get off the streets. "

Awami League and BNP have demanding mid-term elections, he urged sanlaperao.

Syed Abul Hossain presided over the meeting of the Presidium of the Peace JP acacia. Among others rakhena Ziauddin Ahmed Bablu, MA Hannan, SM Faisal cisati, Ananya Hossain seasonal, Islam Bhuiyan.

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