Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Flawed elections in Bangladesh because of political unrest -

 Flawed elections in Bangladesh because of political unrest -

The ruling government's undemocratic, unconstitutional and inhumane 'activities against the protests in front of the British parliament in the UK Citizen Movement. January 7, from 5 pm to 7 pm local time at which the demonstrations in solidarity with some of the Lord appeared and British MP. They are members of the British Lord of Lord Qurban Ali, Simon danasaka MP, MP and Tim Yo Butt larli MP. They also spoke about the ongoing situation of the demonstrations. The British Lord and MPs said threatens democracy. Human rights are being violated at every step. Lord and MPs expressed concern that the political unrest in the January 5, resulting in flawed elections in Bangladesh remain unstable. There is no alternative to the election period. They also said that the January 5 election in Britain, America and the European Union have not been accepted by the international community. Through this selection of democracy has been murdered. Farcical elections did not reflect their hopes and akaksara. Baladese Britain wants to see political stability as well as development partners. So in the interests of democracy in the country to protect the fundamental rights of the people under a caretaker government with the participation of all political parties in a free, fair and independent elections essential. The political instability, human rights violations, BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia's office locked, journalists and political leaders expressed concern about abuses in a fair and credible elections in Bangladesh, he was in an emergency.

Presided over the gathering iuropabhittika UK expatriates Organizations Citizen Movement convener MA Malek. British activists of the organization of demonstrations in front of the prime minister's resignation and fair election under the government called on the British government to apply pressure.

The rally was also addressed by Professor Saleh Ahmed, leader Mullah Abu Bakr, Tareq Rahman Human Rights Advisory Counsel MA Salam, UK BNP vice Akhtar Hussain, Anwar Hossain kiddie, Sharifuzzaman Tapan Chowdhury, Professor Farid Uddin, Nasim Ahmed, Sabur Khan mataba, Atikur Baby Chaudhry, Javed Iqbal, Kamal Uddin, khasarujjamana khasaru said.
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