Sunday, January 4, 2015

before coming of 5 January situation

 Before coming of 5 January  situation

The night will last only 5 dates
BNP to restore democracy
To ??
Before the date of 5 AL
Showdown at the facility
Of Begum Zia's Gulshan
BNP Awami all
Be performed in front of the odds
Napare, to succeed in their program
If not, again, Mr. Mirza Fakhrul
If you condemn and protest
Programs buried karetahale
Standing behind the masks BAKSHAL
That phenomenon.
Zia gulasane blocked,
Student and finalist for the BNP
During the test though protesting
Jump to read.
The Jamaat-Shibir necessary
BN does not have p.
Jamaat democracy punaruddhare
Bangladesh is one of the attentive concierge
All the power of democracy so they punaruddhare
Employ the sky rocked batasa
So, if I failed to BNP
Movement that soon
Will listen to "naturalize leader Sheikh
Mujib Bangladesh "
before coming of 5 January  situation

Pure Brahmanbaria
JCD clash injured 0
Khaleda blocked
To the protest on Sunday
Later in the afternoon at 5 pm
Brahmanbaria student
Activists and police
Clash hayechesangharse three
Student at least 0
Activists were injured. At time 0
People were arrested.

Feni Trunk Road extensive cocktail
And the car was vandalized.
Begum Zia to block
Feni protest pranakendra
Trunk Road fire and severe
Government College of Feni
Dal Dal and Feni city

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