Monday, January 26, 2015

RAB will distribute leaflets from helicopters

 RAB will distribute leaflets from helicopters

RAB will distribute leaflets from helicopters, anti-subversive. Who is terrorism, murder, sabotage for defending humanity against their leaflets will be distributed.

Later on Monday, at 1 pm in the city of Gulistan nasakatakarike handed over the award ceremony RAB Director General (DG) Benazir Ahmed said.

Before that, he lived in Gulistan, maikrobasasaha distributed leaflets in various vehicles. Bus subversive anti-big poster locked.

Leaflet 'mother shaking, burning the country, in turn, stand, Bangladesh, etc., the slogan was written.

RAB DG said, 'Peace to distribute leaflets at the end, peace-loving people to give up the strike-blockade as subversion. Bengali brotherly people of this country have already nasakatakariderao back. '

He also said, "the situation is under control. Two / an isolated incident happened. Well two / day will come under the control of. "

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