Monday, January 5, 2015

The liability to whom? What crime was this poor school student?

 The liability to whom? What crime was this poor school student?

Millions of people like bloody eyes of the bomb blast skulachatrera at pains to understand the cost of the policy of a political party leader?
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At the end of the school day coaching returning home, chatting with friends Minhajul Islam (15). She had never dreamed that someday he will be punished. Mom always warned to get out of the house, carefully Pacific father, he was threatened by heart. Yet bidhibama! Dirty politics is going to say to him.
5 January at 5pm, when the city of palm trees in the courtyard of a sudden deafening sound explosion. And before you knew it the moment the bomb splintarera by a fall to the ground in the throes of pain Minhaj cry.

Islamic Minhajul splintarera injuries was seriously injured. She felt her eyes with the blood profusely.

Feni town square at 5 pm on Monday, took place at the dates. Injured Minhajul Islam Feni Government Pilot High School 10th-grader. He was sent to Dhaka Medical College Hospital in critical condition.

(The day of the event happening -Hundreds, but the stoic silence mobs is alive! - In the eyes of some of the great voices of the bombs exploded sprint leg pains blood jharalei maybe they would know what is -)

Midnight edamina the voice -
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