Sunday, January 25, 2015

In spite of the attempt on the streets nemecheh Rizvi

In spite of the attempt on the streets nemecheh Rizvi

BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia putrasoke forced to come to the understanding that the claim is true, BNP joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi deceit.

"The Prime Minister's arrival, we were greeted positively filing cases against Khaleda Zia was a mere deceit prove its inevitability. Trial is a farce. It is the crocodile tears. "

Sunday afternoon, Rizvi said in a statement sent to the media.

Khaleda Zia on Saturday Jatrabari bus petrol assault cases against BNP leaders condemned and protested Rizvi.

He said in a statement, "occupying force farcical inhumanity that is another example of the violence have forced the putrasoke desanetri false cases against Khaleda Zia. How bibekasunya cruel and heinous crime if a government can do in the world is unprecedented. This farcical government humanity has all the traits of the sacrifice. "

He also said, "This illegal government and the mental and physical torture of 1/11 of the government had been sick for more than seven years, Arafat Rahman Coco. 007 mainauddina politics of the day, Coco Begum Khaleda Zia arrested and detained. After arrest, inhuman torture on the run. This was a heart attack, Arafat Rahman Coco atyacarei serious. Then one by one party government is to file charges against Koko. Mother-to-child and the child's family is in isolation. Suffer from mental and physical abuse suffered illness yesterday pleaded Arafat Rahman Coco. "

He complained, "to destroy the independence of the broadcaster consistently Shaheed President Ziaur Rahman family's multi-party democracy with a single goal to eliminate obstacles in the way of a person to carry a single kingdom."

Rizvi, "Coco's death, we've come to meet the Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia had taken a positive sense. Outside of politics, social responsibility tagidei took over as Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia has expressed condolences.

He said, "The prime minister's political opponents in deep mourning, his rancor against them-toxin did not eject. Begum Zia blueprint to prison for a long time, they have been set. Begum Zia held responsible for the acts of violence committed by one of the petrol bomb. BNP has been repeatedly stated that the government ejentarai this nasakatagulo of special purpose. "

The anger of the people against the government to turn to another that is being attacked Rizvi claimed.

He claimed that, "despite the attempt of the government to the people down the street. The restoration of democracy in the peace movement, the combined force arrived at the destination block will continue to continue the strike. "

Demanded the immediate withdrawal of the case against the leader of the BNP ceyaraparasanasaha jananaekaisange Jatrabari miscreants arrested in petrol bomb attacks dayidera said Rizvi demanded exemplary punishment.

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