Wednesday, January 14, 2015

One week 54 attacks on Muslims in France

 One week 54 attacks on Muslims in France

 France, in less than a week, at least 54 attacks against Muslims. Paris controversial weekly 'Shirley ebado of terrorist attacks around the country's devastating attacks against Muslims, according to the French Muslim community.

Central Council spokesman Abdullah Zakir said musalamisa France, in less than 21 points last week against Muslims has run shot, grenades were thrown at an Islamic buildings and 33 points were a serious threat. The estimation of the French Interior Ministry, he said.

However, the attack on the capital of Paris and its surrounding areas were not included in this estimate. In the short term is very unusual and termed these attacks. France is also a focus of the security forces of the Islamic center and social media Abdullah urged joradarerao jakira-ray.

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