Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Declining coating protects the baby

Declining coating protects the baby

Survival was confirmed with the help of neighbors, the Chinese children. A four-storey flats in Guangzhou province, some neighbors from the balcony to the left of him. Fortunately result: the girl touched. The whole event was led by a Chinese man named Ian.

London's The Independent newspaper said on Wednesday, the day of the incident, was returning home from the supermarket when she heard iyanae, save, save as "Who is crying for help. Looked around and saw a four-story apartment window hovering dangerously over the railing of a girl child. She slipped a hand that could fall at any time.

Ian took a quick decision. He rushed to the side of the house and a neighbor began knocking. When the house was sleeping housewives. Breaks, and he opened the door he heard the sound of his sleep. Ian told him, "If the coating, and soon." Ian asked about him, said, "Look, the house is on the third floor window of a girl hovering over the Grill. He could fall at any time. "On hearing this, the woman surprised. He went off gave a coating.

Several neighbors have already come forward to protect her. They went down to the house and the child being prepared to stand for around Quilt. Referring to say good girl. He fell from the window at the middle of the fourth floor Quilt. Erapara was taken to the hospital. Now he is said to have fully recovered.

But she did not mention anything Circle magazine. She went to the window, it was not clear how the fourth floor.
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