Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Will life expectancy 120 years!

   Will life expectancy 120 years!

 Russian scientists to old people have found a process that could delay the process. Rats, fish and the dog already in the process of the new tests have been run. Apply it is possible to increase the life expectancy of 120 years of Russian scientists expect.

Small brick built a huge building is taken. Similarly, have been developed, including small tissue of the animal. Somatic energy supply and the mitochondria in cells of animals involved in the process as they get older. Human disease, disease parkinsansa ayalajaimara or buyer agency for buyers to meet theirs.

Moscow State University researcher said. Maxim sukulacebha longevity involved with the project. He said that the age of the disease occurs in many very slowly.

Russian researchers believe that they can prevent the oxidation process of the body that have found a new approach. Increased life expectancy of people in the process, they are believed to be 120 years. The pill may be made as a result of increasing life expectancy will be. Dr. Maxim sukulacebha the increased life expectancy of 800 years, but the attempt to increase the life expectancy of 120 years would be logical to say.

However, the Russian experiments using the new process increases the longevity of the body to age but the process has been delayed. Postponed until the end of the process, going old was hoped that the life expectancy can be extended. Sukulacebha Maxim.

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