Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Agreed devastating fire 8 Store ashes

 Agreed devastating fire 8 Store ashes

 Ramganj at number 4 Ichhapur Union Narayanpur Bepari house door on Monday night an electrical short circuit fire 8 store houses malamalasaha burned. It is known to have suffered a loss of Rs 1 crore.

Local sources, the Bepari house door Local Faiz locked tea stores an electrical short circuit fire started when muhutbera Dr. nachirera medicine pharmacy, Ali Ahmed, furniture stores, Manu mesturira grocery store, Alamgir, tea shops, abura grocery store, Ali ajjamera grocery store, Kamal's Tailor shop dokanasaha 8 would burn up. Local and Fire sarbisera a unit at the scene said the fire under control.

Tuesday at 11 am Chairman akama Amin, UNO Kazi mahabubala Alam, police officer in charge of Mohammad Lokman Hossain, Project Implementation Officer Mohammad Burhanuddin visited victims of financial support asbasa it.

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