Monday, January 26, 2015

Block Airshow standoff

 Block Airshow standoff

Despite being hampered the work of the port blockades, import-export of goods. Mongla port currently two thousand 5 hundred containers are stuck. Of imported products 1 billion has Container forward delivery locally. The 13th 'container merchant ships laden and exports relative to the admission of products.

Due to the ongoing political crisis in the port of import and export cargo container has fallen 10 percent. The import-exporters Airshow moving goods by road, is facing obstacles and pretala bombs. Pretala bombings and vandalism for fear of imports-exports from the port of Mongla panyabahi trucks or containers can not be brought.

Meanwhile, the port and industrial zone located simentasaha blockades of roads in different parts of the factory's products provide the ultimate in being hampered.

Dubai Mongla, Bangladesh Cement Mills, executive director Shamim Hossain, blockades, many of them due to the demand for cement has fallen. The addition of a cement truck in a different place, could not be sent. In the absence of their top production has dropped almost to zero. All of the cement milagulorao abastha Mongla. The Daily is their money and financial losses.

Mongla Port Authority of traffic sources, January 19, the highest number ever in a single day in the Airshow 6 different cargo ships at anchor. Currently port thousand 5 hundred has Container. Of imported products 1 billion has Container forward delivery locally.

Another 13 billion of commercial ships carrying containers of products and exports to be admitted. Due to the ongoing political crisis in the port of import and raphataniyogya freight container has fallen 10 percent.

Frozen shrimp exports lakhapura Group of Industries of the Deputy General Manager Habibur Rahman container road blockades to the Airshow has become risky. Our group is a container filled with shrimp himayimata already been vandalized. Vandalism of container cars now being sent to the Airshow.

A huge amount of raw jute and jute goods in the south of Mongla and Chittagong ports and exports are through Benapole land port. But pulled the folding paumchanoi Mongla port blockade has made it difficult.

Rear Admiral Joseph Mongla Port Authority Chairman Riaz Uddin Ahmed container port in the past few days, there was no ship. As a result, there is no congestion at the container. However, due to a blockade of the country to reach the destination container has some problems. But it is temporary.

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