Saturday, September 27, 2014

'Ye nacabo naked' --- balalo student leader Tuhin


As well as the student movement was equally palityakanikera palityakanikera Students Dhaka. Yes No police presence at noon to inhibit movement of the student-chatrideraupara attacks and defends them. BCL activists before police pulled esamaiya hecara Students are stinking. Ekaparyaya student leader from early frost, which is to say that the purpose of the students, not the prison nacabo naked. Journalists present at the press was forbidden to speak to him, this kind of pornography on the rush. Kamrul student leader came. One student was allegedly beaten in the morning against the League leaders Kamrul.
Feedback: ...
71 O people of Bengal .... This is what we did in defeating Pakistan? The blood flow then this is why we are today in the hands of the independent country of the savage brute chatraligadera women'll be the victim? Where narinetrira today?
Come, like a roar in the middle of the back 71. I like the beat Pakistan Awami League, Juba, atheists and those left chatrarigasaha narinetridera actual women who are working for the right haranera.
Otherwise, we will be responsible for our future generation.
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