Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Pamcamase child marriage: nirlajjbatai the main features of their character ...

 Pamcamase child marriage: nirlajjbatai the main features of their character ...

Completely healthy child was born just five months of marriage! Were interested in hearing the news of their Professional. Tried to find out. Married on 17 April 014, and 014 mother September! In all, only 5 months! Yet, how many weeks of pregnancy and tried to understand it.

It reached the inside of her unborn child after pamcamasa to think again studied. As we do not match in any way! The so-called progressive and ধর্মনিরপেক্ষতাবাদীদের separate accounts! According to their marriage and fundamentalist culture byakadeteda sadi am! Pragatisilara will libhatugedara called, will partner with another person, the child will be known as the mom! Trouble in the marriage-disappoint! Progress! So why pamcamasa wedding, but there is no difficulty pamcasaptaha after the baby is born!

Browse people in our country drama-movie-media in their lives Otherwise pankilataya fastener. There just are not that many different pankilata inside them they are spreading everywhere. And behind them, in the name of modernity, of progress, in the name of women's rights in all media around the country, the so-called human rights and feminists!

Socialize with others before marriage is very common now. Not only that, many are going into a relationship before marriage as husband and wife! Everyone wants to hide, but still holding santara before marriage. Many hospitals have seen the consequences, those who hide mischief to his life! Trash sadyaprasuta child's body found in drain.

Pregnancy is one of the reasons why our society is still bibahabahirbhuta or abnormal sexual relations, anti-social, illegal, seem very dear. Khappare immorality they think the people who are engaged in Trade. But some media and media personality who has nastamike think the usual. A picture of the so-called actress Farzana. He married his mother, and it is just a formal way pamcamasera head are all even including his own baby picture on Facebook! Ensure that the so-called marriage before the child's conception (of the baby's father in raising the question of whether he is the husband of the actress, allegedly, was the marriage or family preferences). The most amazing is the wedding of the actress and her alleged husband inside the santanadharana whole family we have not seen any signs! Matter does not mean that the child should be destroyed. The child is not worth it. But after the whole family getting the kind of mother that a child is not receiving the actress, her husband! Rather, they behave as if it is quite natural and normal subjects appointed media publicize the issue! That is the most scary thing.

Now would be a lot more because of the destruction of one of the so-called lajjbabodha actors think that the ideal number of young people is growing slowly and are called civil media present them as the norm! Dress, Part, live, socialize, etc. has destroyed many natural lajjbabodhao. Now illegal, has begun to be accelerated lajjbabodha bibahabahirbhuta lie about childbirth! In the future, some of those actresses share photos and promote child born outside of wedlock pregnancy would not be surprised! Because the so-called modernism nutanaprajanmake odikei that, in the name of culture and secularism.

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