Tuesday, September 30, 2014

banglaesh is being Unintelligent race

Unintelligent race ..

"Dhaka University admission test showed that we are a nation unintelligent. Kari a child spending, bribery taste, the money is stolen, private tautara, sacks and sacks of money back into coaching and obtaining GPA-5 with all ganahare asbadimba race did nothing to engender. No student was not anywhere I decide to, I wonder if someday to private tiutarera, was not able to teach. Enough, then the college teachers. It was their commitment. Dhaka University to read anywhere I decide to feel pride.

Yeah, my daughter came to Dhaka, the parents speak English to the local kids, but my English is not everyone wrong. English to Bengali tells me that I am. Bangla can not say it correctly. Bengali Bengali drama seeing learned a wonderland. Medhahinara now writes plays, thereby purifying carcca Bengal is going to end. My son had the same issue the millennium sunrise. Speak the truth, my son, a daughter who has graduated from both the University of Toronto, an Economics, from an International Relations. Both would skalastikaya Dhaka, Sunrise Grade 5, Yeah, there are up to Grade Three. From school to university or private tautara absolutely need them, not for the coaching. "

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