Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Legal action will be taken against the lecherous lover

 Legal action will be taken against the lecherous lover

9 September 14 imh Bazar police arrested one expedition lovers. Monday afternoon on a tip off police Rafiqul Hasan paurasaharera raids police arrested the head of a meal at the hotel.

SI said Rafiqul Hasan, Mohammad sahaghonara maheskhali district kalamarachara Union College student paduya temptation Love relate to the average wedding in the suburbs Cox expressed Ariful kalatalira area of the Corinthian Karim. Through the relationship with the girl, and the last three days, there is a resident Lama mirinja they ratayapana hotel.

Monday afternoon, down from the car with the girl boyfriend cheater lover fled the young student was detained relatives. He said the head of the news getting Chakaria paurasaharera police arrested two men who were at the hotel for a meal.

Chakaria police officer in charge (OC) prabhasa Chandra Dhar said, boyfriend couple being interrogated in police custody. They both agreed to the marriage, with the consent of the family as well. If not it is subject to the receipt of the complaint will be taken legal action against the lecherous boyfriend

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