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Before the execution of the said Abdul Quader Mollah online free news

Before the execution of the said Abdul Quader Mollah

22 Jun, 2014

War crimes, sentenced to death by hanging Jamaat leader Abdul Quader Molla said, "after my martyrdom of the Islamic movement's extreme patience and tolerance as my blood for the establishment of Islam embraced. Did not engage in any destructive activities is the manpower."

Dhaka Central Jail for the last time before hanging out to the family members of the Assistant Secretary General of the Jamaat-e-Islami. Party, said in a press release.

Workers and people in the peace movement, the Jamaat Islami. He said, "For me, the movement of those who have lost their lives, and I pray to Allah for their martyrdom kabuliyatera sympathizing with their families think. Allah to give them the best reward.

I said, trying to kill me with the full privileges of the government. I had been wronged, my crime, I have to lead the Islamic movement. Therefore, the government is just killing me. I am God, the Prophet and the Quran and Sunnah that. I firmly believe, I will die in the death sahidi. Martyrdom is nothing more than the Garden. Allah is the greatest in my life, it gave me the death of martyrdom. I am proud of. "

He said, "I believe God is the owner of the life-death. 10th night, the government wanted to kill me., But Allah did not specify the day of my death. Day God will judge the same day will be the death of me. Every animals have died. Myself will die . sahidi death is nothing more than luck. life I've prayed for the dead, are today. "

He told his staff, "The victory of martyrdom raktapicchila course along the way. Allah help those who can not silence them., I believe, I will be intensified from every drop of blood on the Islamic movement and the proceedings of the government will bring the wrongdoers."

Mollah said, "I saw the news of 10-year-old children have been killed. Islamic movement activists blood floating country. Allah will avenge the blood., I'm not upset at all., I want to bless people. Islamic movement in exchange for my life, independence and sovereignty he was in custody. "

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