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online news of Maulana Delwar Hossain Sayedee after finishing namazer janaa he told that he is innocent

Janajasese son Maulana Sayedee 
One drop of mud on my own in '71

Maulana  Delwar  Hossain Sayedee said, in  1971, he was involved in any such evil deeds. His body did not have the slightest mud. Cheap Asr prayers today jyesthachele raphika Javanese brief speech, he said bin.  Died Wednesday of a heart attack today   Raphika Maulana Sayedee was released on parole.
Barsiyana scholars who lead prayers to his son's  Funerals. In addition to the  18-party alliance leaders in the country's leading scholars present. Is the presence of a heart Sayeede environment. Drrhakanthe   short speech he said, "I war criminals, thieves, robbers are being made​​.  By Allah, I am completely innocent. In  1971, a drop of mud on my left. "In solidarity with the people at the present time.
After a lot of uncertainty at the end of the  afternoon after 4 pm to take part in prayer, his son Maulana Delwar Hossain Sayedee was released on parole.
Due to the uncertainty of parole Maulana  Sayedee yesterday afternoon till  4 pm It was the news of his son's death. Even before his death, that he was taken ill in the hospital, she did not tell him about.
Shop Daily New Horizon has  Sayeede Massoud was the third son and their lawyer Barrister Tanvir Ahmed  Al Amin from Dhaka Central Jail at 1 came out. They did not meet until the end, but can be seen with   Sayeede returned.  When released on parole at the time he said he would be killed. Shop Masud said, "my father's death, relying on big  bhaira prison authorities had been forbidden before. Spending so  much time alone in his prison after  the news  jhamkipurna may  be. '
Raphika bin Lily died yesterday morning till 4 pm today in the afternoon, many uncertainties caused Sayeede parole.   International  Criminal Court to postpone the time of death was confirmed. As a result, there can not be found in any order. Today, the state minister for home  Shamsul  Haque Tuku was released on parole petition to try to reach. But he was not in his office at the Ministry. Finally after 4 pm in the afternoon at his residence on  Minto Road, parole is confirmed.
Shop Cheap third son  Masud told by three and a  half, at the residence of his father being released on parole  file crossfire Road T.  She alleged that the death of his grandmother,
Maulana Sayedee was released on parole was denied the right to a minimum time of six hours. He repeated the same to happen this time expressed concern.

After the prayer, the heart-rending speech Video  Allama Delwar Hossain Sayedee Son Father Son shoulder body

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