Sunday, September 28, 2014

Treatment and release Azam says wife

 Treatment and release Azam says wife


Professor Golam Azam, former Ameer Jamaat his wife Syeda Afifa Azam said physical condition deteriorated. Professor Golam Azam Azam Afifa Syeda for treatment and demanded his release.

Through a press release sent to the media on Sunday night, he said.

Syeda Afifa Azam said, on Saturday, my husband, Professor Golam Azam (9) was the day with the regular meeting. Separate sessions of the 'prison cell' in the afternoon, I got to meet with him. His physical condition was very poor. Today was the worst ever seen in him. That have become so weak physically withdraw from the bed has been duijane. Wane of sight, hearing, much reduced and very feeble voice. Left ear to his mouth to speak and had trouble being heard. Hand-Foot-neck-head movement is not his strength. Losing weight day by day, has become dry ghost. Have up to six times in the bathroom. Three times in less than a month left in the past. Can not stop talking about to eat.

He said, according to Ghulam Azam, became the last Thursday her condition was very poor and the doctor told him that his condition deteriorated. Very sad and strange thing, but told him that his condition deteriorated his health deteriorated seriously this has informed us that none of the hospital authorities or prison authorities.

We fear that this kind of contempt, indifference, neglect, ignore and inhumane behavior may at any time cause a serious situation. Treatment and overall leader bisbabarenya seen such apathy and neglect is too painful to listen, which is not desirable in any healthy bibekasampanna people.

He also considers the overall condition of my husband's treatment and care, as Professor Golam Azam œ very prompt him to make sure to keep the overall supervision of the family insisted that I request the appropriate authorities. If not, at least at the time, should be allowed to have a family eyatenadenta.

The great leaders of the Islamist movement in the world that any serious problems due to neglect and ayata œ the suspicion of the authorities concerned of the responsibility.

Good understanding of all human flourishing and drstikono be willing to consider making the case; Wish. Professor Golam Azam that he would pray to the nation.

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