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Mophasasire Alem appeal of the final judgment of the Quran, Maulana Delwar Hossain Sayedee will be announced today

 Mophasasire Alem appeal of the final judgment of the Quran, Maulana Delwar Hossain Sayedee will be announced today

 ophasasire Alem appeal of the final judgment of the Quran, Maulana Delwar Hossain Sayedee will be announced today. Appellate Division of the Supreme Court in this case, the task has a number kramike the verdict was announced. The task is to express the Supreme Court website.

April 16, all of the cases appealed to the Appellate Division of Sayeede verdict is kept waiting. Today is the final judgment at the end of the five months. Judgment in the first place will be announced today.
The five-member bench headed by Chief Justice of Appeal in the case of appeals conducted jodicial proceedings.
Maulana Sayedee to death on February 8 last year, the International Crimes Tribunal-1. In 1971, murder, genocide, arson, looting, torture, rape, in the indictment dharmantarakaranasaha 0 state. Maulana Sayedee was convicted of eight charges. Tribunal had sentenced him to death on charges of two.
Appellate Division on March 8 last year than redeem Sayeede defense application. The six were convicted of charges; But the Tribunal mentioned sentence, and are demanding that the sentence refers to the same day of the prosecution's appeal.
Appeal hearing is on September 4 last year. Featured in more than six months after the time at the end of the appeals court ruling is waiting to be announced April 16.
Chief Justice for the hearing of appeals Sayeede Mozammel Hossain led the five-member appeals bench is formed. The other four justices of the bench, Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha, Justice Abdul Wahhab Miah, Justice Hasan Siddiqui and Justice AHM Shamsuddin Chowdhury Faiz.
Maulana Sayedee was executed for the murder of two ICT-1. Bisabali Abraham fell and killed two of the complaint.
The accused are charged against Sayeede 0. The Tribunal referred to the judgment of the eight were convicted. The maximum penalty for the murder of two of eight charges proven sentenced to death if convicted of the six left the Tribunal did not specify any punishment. The rest has been proven that the verdict of six charges that were mentioned include conversions, looting, arson and kidnapping.
The death of two charges: The charges against Sayeede that 0 is the charge of the eight accused in the May 8, 1971, the Pakistan Army and the Peace Committee, led Sayeede men looted the house of Manik posari cithaliya village. Manik posari Ebrahimkutty from home and is taken by both the Prosecution Mofizul market. They worked on the house. After assuming command of the Pakistan Army Prosecution Sayeede Ebrahimkutty shot.
No. 10 has been sentenced to death on charges that have been referenced in the order framing charges on 6 June 1971, at 10 am, led by Viruses are living in the village of 5 houses were set on fire. Cheap at the time of the order of one bisabali bound with coconut trees are killed.
Appeals to their sense of hearing, accused of killing Ebrahimkutty said Ebrahimkutty 8 May 1971, in his in-laws were killed Nalbunia. In 197, his wife Mumtaz Begum filed a case against 13 people, in the name of Sayeede. Mumtaz Begum is still alive.
Brief description of the case: 011 testimonies against Sayeede began on December 7. One year after the date of judgment at the end of the 01 cases was waiting on 6 December, the tribunal announced. But Skype tribunal chairman Justice Huq resigned over the scandal. The re-trial of the case demanded Maulana Apart from Sayeedi other applications from the defense. The application was rejected. The Tribunal ordered the Sayeede present case re-argued. January 13 is the start of the 013 arguments and arguments from both sides on January 9 When the last day of the verdict, the tribunal announced waiting.
To prosecute crimes against humanity committed during the Liberation War in 1971, 010 was formed in March, the International Criminal Tribunal -1. Was the first case before the Tribunal, the case against Maulana Delwar Hossain Sayedee. However, the verdict was announced in the fall issue of the Skype scandal.
Why is a man praying in the name of seller 009 Chief Judicial Magistrate's Court on August 1, 1971, incident, Maulana Delwar Hossain Sayedee filed a lawsuit against. After a few days of September 9, another person named Alam Maulana Sayeede nalisi court petition filed against the Pirojpu nalisi.
In 010, after the formation of the International Criminal Tribunal for the plaintiff, against Sayeede Pirojpur HOWLADER Alam on July 010 0 tribunal investigating war crimes in 1971 against the company, alleging the trial Sayeede claimed. Thus, the Tribunal comes under Sayeede and jodicial proceedings are started.
010 is a case of hurting religious sentiments deyasankranta Maulana Sayedee was arrested on June 9.
Introduction Sayeede: Maulana Delwar Hossain Sayedee in the February 1, 1940, was born in the village of Sayedkhali praying. Her father, a well-known Islamic scholar and speaker Maulana Yusuf Sayedee was daniancalera country.
Formal Islamic education institution founded by Maulana Sayedee his father received primary education by the end of the 196 studies in the madrasa education and devoted himself to the task.
Maulana Sayedee grades from 1967 in many countries around the world everywhere, and the holy Quran Tafsir. Many Hindus and people of other religions to hear his preaching had converted to Islam. Quran, hadith, and has authored numerous books on Islam. Got the title, fame and honor. Throughout his taphasirera audio-video available abroad. Been made ​​at home and abroad for his countless fans. Numerous well-known from many countries around the world have visited those countries and the Quran Tafsir organization made ​​invitation.

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