Sunday, September 28, 2014

To solve their problems themselves

 To solve their problems themselves

9 September 014: Selection and political dialogue between the BNP-led coalition government after Eid to create pressure on the cuff of the streets in Dhaka amid threat markina Ambassador Dan W. Mozena have hopes for a quick solution to political crisis. Issue of the 'internal', she said, I think the final decision about the country's political parties and the people. They need to resolve it. No one will be solved at the level of discussion, hoping that the U.S. envoy said, the people will solve their internal problems, they will continue the collaboration with the naught. Communicate regularly with the foreign ambassadors and representatives of the diplomatic correspondent of the PBS show "Dan was the main speaker was organized yesterday dikaba majina of taka. Talk about taking responsibility for shipping in 3 years took part in this first dikaba. Most recently, the country's 64 districts visited, the mission has successfully concluded majina. Yesterday was the inaugural speech in the context of large ansajure. Amazing beauty and immense potential in the soil of Bengal, he tackles the emotional speech mugdha doing. But the country's overall development and to exploit the vast potential that still has all of the challenge was to identify the 5 things. Political instability, corruption, lack of good governance, the energy crisis and the importance of communication with speech, highlighted the plight of the U.S. ambassador. "Resolvable problems" like that, she said, Bangladesh can go ahead if it does not resolve the potential of this country can become very fast Asian taigare. Dikaba National Press Club VIP Lounge hosted by President Mainul Alam presided and welcomed guests at the event spoke to the caller, the general secretary of the grapes Nahar Monty. GSP facility for Bangladeshi products to the market in the United States, and that the politics involved with the Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed geche attention to the remarks of the U.S. ambassador's position was clear. The Generalised System of GSP benefits pripharensesa or suspension or any other matter, the quality of the labor involved. States with the labor standard is the development of the global udogera majina, the sector that has been the subject of a great deal of importance has been taken into account, he said, such things as foreign study, he and the Secretary of Commerce and Labor in Dhaka 5 angel regularly every 6 weeks sitting. When fully implemented, the global initiative for the development of the sector after the GSP to RMG sector will become number one in the world hoped banradesa majina Dan. Rana Plaza at the steps of the security sector workers majina appreciated, not only in the trenches, pharmasiutikalasa, ledarasaha has many sectors. Bangladesh has the potential to become champs therein. Require political will to curb corruption in the sector majina, solving problems for the neighboring countries of Bhutan, Nepal and India to cooperate may be. He added that Bangladesh could import jalabidut Bhutan. The health care context, he said, moving towards the development of the country's medical system. Diarrhea, pneumonia mortality events is reduced. Extremism and terrorism that the peace-loving people is a threat to any country, he said, would be to prevent the militants in Iraq and Syria to the ISO. Crimea with Russia on trade block with the principle differences preksate States wants to cooperate with all countries of the world including Bangladesh. The ambassador said, Russia is the aggressive attitude and should prevent it in the ranks of the country.

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