Wednesday, September 17, 2014

faick money in bangladesh to pay garment factory workers Lumbini authorities with counterfeit money

  faick money in bangladesh to pay  garment factory workers Lumbini authorities with counterfeit money

14 September 14 imhbandarabane garment factory workers Lumbini authorities to pay with counterfeit money, counterfeit currency notes from the market mess that was over crowded. Which has spread panic among traders. Weekly market in Bandarban Sadar upazila Sunday notake of counterfeit money in sellers and buyers in more than 10 rows and blows occurred. However, Bandarban garment factory workers of Lumbini authorities to pay about 7 to 50 million from the Islamic Bank in Bandarban district branch to withdraw cash. After the pay of factory workers by about 7 to 4 branches are distributed by supervisors. Workers pay money to buy the necessary goods on the shop owners caught in fake currency notes. Up to several hundred factory workers in Lumbini after eghatanara protest.

News of the incident, the police came in to land, from the workers seized 38 fake currency notes of Rs. Said a man named Abdul remuneration, the location of the factory girl dress Lumbini 6 of the 36 money-earning employment. After buying two of the money the shopkeeper told Rice the money or fake money. Without the money to him, he said there is no money to buy rice. Grocery store shopkeeper Mohammad Uddin land in Bandarban, fake dollar notes in hand to Lumbini dress factory workers and one thousand five hundred rupees from the market of counterfeit notes were exorbitant. Shopkeepers from customers to take note of the new one thousand and five hundred rupees fear.

Shame about the Lumbini Factory Mofizul Islam Mamun, told reporters on Thursday that the Islamic bank to withdraw money from the 50 million factory has 4 branches distributed to the workers by supervisors. Tam in the 5 million to 64 workers in the finishing section 96 of the money has been distributed. Distributed in 96 workers of just some of the finishing section is fake money. Vat is this money from the bank to their ideas. These events have been referred to the factory owner. Ebyapare Bandarban police said a complaint had been filed.

The Islamic Bank branch manager Mohammad Kawsar Bandarban told reporters, Lumbini factory authorities have been understood by virtue of the money from the bank. Count the money they took a look. Three days after getting the fake money that is not acceptable.

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