Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Amendments to ban Jamaat becoming curantahsigagirai cabinet

Amendments to ban Jamaat becoming curantahsigagirai cabinet

3 September 14 imh-liberation Jamaat as an organization to judge International Crimes (Tribunals) Act, 014 are fixed to the cabinet soon. In the meantime, the draft amendment to the law has been finalized.

Policy will be placed in the cabinet next month for approval minister Anisul Huq said. He said the law has been finalized. It is waiting for the moving of the cabinet. Final amendments to ban Jamaat.

According to the ministry of law, war crimes and the future activities of banned organizations involved in the provision of ICT to ban amendment has been finalized. Draft proposal to amend section 10 of the Act has been. Section seven of the 'person' as well as the word 'organization' has replaced the term.

0 section of the draft has been referred to in sub-section, the Tribunal may prohibit a convicted organization. Future activities of the organization or any other sanctions to be able to. There is only one sentence in section 0 of the existing law.

In 1973 to prosecute war crimes in the International Crimes (Tribunals) Act 010 in the war crimes trial began. Prior to July 14, the International Criminal Law 009, 009 are fixed in the first round. The second amendment of the accused in the absence of the 01 declared him a fugitive from justice, a tribunal is a tribunal case of relocation. Well third was fixed in February 013.

Currently working on the fourth amendment to the final round. Individuals accused of committing any of the provisions of existing laws, but does not mention the matter to trial. The trial is being amended to eliminate the legal complications. 009 The effectiveness of this amendment to the proposal on July 14, has been reported.

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