Saturday, September 6, 2014

India had threatened to rape the head teacher online news

India had threatened to rape the head teacher

After Trinamool MP Tapas Pal pascibangera student in the school, the teacher threatens to rape. Principal of warning, if you overdo it with outsiders will remind student rape. Raghunath Durgapur State Government Residential School headmaster bisuddhananda MURMU sensational allegations against the ruling, said the school's student complied.

Even the teacher maradharerao allegations against the principal. Student a teacher raped by outsiders after the political leaders, threatening to spread the unrest due to public complaints.

Midnapore Municipality MP Tapas Pal and grassroots grassroots councilors Jitendranath slave follows the path that threatened the rape charges against the foreign student has against the principal. However, he did not publicly threatened.

The student hostels are not going to get food and water properly, had to complain to the principal. He then allegedly threatened the student teachers. The accused denied the principal counter-accusations, the teacher and students are conspiring against him.

They had a written complaint to this effect on August 1.

The school's name on the collar of the compassionate teacher alleged to have signed the petition bieda course shut the door the teacher assaulted him. School teachers complain, the teachers are very wicked. The police have lodged a complaint against the accused teacher niutaunasipa affected teacher turnover.
Source: Kolkata 4

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