Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Happy Birthday of Imdadul Haque Milon

Happy Birthday of  Imdadul Haque Milon

Imdadul Haque Milon novelist Sir
Happy Birthday, Many Many Thanks
Today is the 60th birthday of novelist Imdadul Haque Milon. On 8 September 1955, at home He was born in the village bikramapurera medinimandala. His ancestral home village in Munshiganj lohajang gold coins. His writing is amazing novel 'Nurjahan' has risen to fame for him, which is equal to the Bengali people of India are popular across the country today. So it's not just, 'Nurjahan' novel to be translated into multiple languages​​. August 30, India's most respected literary prize for this extraordinary novel 'aiaipiema Surma Chowdhury Memorial International Award. Organized by the Japan Foundation in 005 'Takeshi kayeko Asian Writers Memorial Lecture series in Japan as the only writer in the Bengali language and literature and his own writing in the four International Centre spoke about. This is a rare honor for Asian writers. Besides writing, he earned a reputation in journalism. He is currently editor of BSS.
Academy Award in recognition of his Bengali writings, Humayun Kadir literary award, the Medal of SM Sultan, III Youth Foundation Award, Sher Bengali medals, tenasinasa Award, Japan conscience literary award, literary prize Kolkata eye, Japan Writers' Award, Mother Teresa Award, bacasasa Award Country many bidese was awarded.

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