Tuesday, September 23, 2014

hostel university student dragged to conceal the sexual torture in bangladesh

hostel  university student dragged to conceal the sexual torture in bangladesh

20 September 2014 jadabapura imh-Calcutta University student last August 8, one of the few students students dragged him out on the sexual assault. This phenomenon is known to have occurred during the tragic events at yayaoi abused a student at the University authorities said the incident and filed a police complaint. But the absence of any progress in the investigation, the committee demanded the formation of a new committee offended students.

On Tuesday, hundreds of university students of educational jadabapura khyatinama Kolkata tragic incident protested. Student sexual harassment of students to protest the formation of the new committee is to be applied.

Offended without hasthaksepa University Students demanded a new investigation.

After the events of August 8, a committee of the University authorities, but there is no progress in the investigation of the committee. Even the police did not arrest any of the students.

However, the accused student of the Faculty of Arts of the University Students.

Student alleged victims, said after the incident to press charges for the grassroots supporters inside and outside the university, he is constantly threatened.

University campus police have been deployed to keep the situation under control.

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