Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Seventh-grade student teacher pithunite injuries

Seventh-grade student teacher pithunite injuries

Chakaria pratinidhihsiti on Thursday, September 14 imh Chakaria 0 gold baraitali assistant junior high school teacher tempered seventh-grade student at the school was seriously injured severely pithunite Meters Mary. Family members of the local hospital in critical condition has jamajama. The incident occurred at the school last Thursday. 0 September Saturday afternoon at the hospital found that student bodies still remained swollen injuries.

Family members in the student, under the union baraitali ekatabajara area closest to the house baraitali Kabir Hossain Akhter Mary attended junior high school in the seventh section. Last Thursday afternoon, when the thirst for water level of the student out of the room to go to school tiubaoyele drink. The Assistant Teacher Dulal Kanti Das entered the class room pathadane. Girl drinking water after a while she went into a room in the Level Meters to go softly on the handle. Where were you want to know the duration of her students.

Family members, however, claim to have tiubaoyele oisamaya school teacher Mary drink was tired of it. Fist-punched the girl was seriously injured and killed instantly at the teacher.
Family members told reporters complained, getting the news of the incident immediately to the student in the school of Mary, mother chaleha Begum and brother rescued him serious injuries and was admitted to the local hospital jamajama. Since that day they stand outside the headmaster could not tell him. The alleged incident at the teacher and his over-pangara does anyone have to tell the girl's family alleged that the relatives are pressing.

Dulal Kanti Das for The complaint alleged the teacher is trying to communicate with. But without trying to connect his mobile phone was found.
Acting Chief Executive Officer and the Assistant Commissioner under Chakaria (Land) momaina Uddin, no educational institutions in accordance with government policy, the student does not have to beat. If that is the case, it's really sad. He complained about the appropriate action to be taken when.

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